Flooding likely again today….

Yet again the state is under a flash flood watch as a series of storms come rolling out of Kansas and Missouri today. The problem we are facing over the next few days does not have anything to do tornadoes, or major hail (even though we could see some today), but in the form of heavy rain. Most of the time when we get these storms coming in from the NW they weaken, or move through very quickly….. Not this year, everything is moving in quickly, but then slowing down and dumping out all the rain on parts of the state that don’t need it…..  HPC is showing most of nw Arkansas under some heavy rain, but I am thinking that it will move in a bit more into central Arkansas, especially with that complex trying to come in from the North.

More rain coming tomorrow, then the big wave out west will move through Wednesday afternoon. That could bring some very nasty severe weather to our northwest….

Notice that little shortwave coming around the main low out by Clovis, NM?? That wave could come around the turn and eject into nw Arkansas late that afternoon and give us some problems. SPC does have us in a slight risk that afternoon:

So in a nutshell I think 2-3 inches around parts of northern and central Arkansas are not out of the question over the next 2 days……

Stay Dry!

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6 Responses to Flooding likely again today….

  1. Vicki Leith says:

    I like it! I like seeing in print what the weather forecast is going to be along with the pictures showing us why! Hope you will continue! Thanks for keeping us up to date AND informed!

  2. Kelly says:

    Love it! Love the detail. The one map, ummm…..I am not weather savvy enough to read…but I love it anyway. THANKS. 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    This blog is a wonderful idea.

  4. The damage in Joplin is unreal. That one was a bit closer to home than the Mississippi/Alabama outbreak. Looks like OK and KS might be next today; we’ll have to watch.

  5. Angela says:

    I love it! Very informative and the graphics are awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

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