A Bit of a Break today….

Here is an image I like to see…… Sunshine in central Arkansas! Now there are some areas of fog and low clouds in the northeastern sections of the state today. All of that fog, however, is burning off rapidly and the sun will be out there in a just a little bit. This is pretty typical when you have a pure northeast flow at the surface bringing in cooler air. The winds will upslope just a bit up the Ozarks, cool, and then condense into clouds. Most of the time this type of weather will occur in early spring, not the end of may…… But again this year is a strange one for sure. The “streamlines” in the image below are coming straight down from the Great Lakes, so in other words we will be having some cooler air transported down into our area today. Tomorrow there is a chance  of a few showers and a few storms tomorrow morning, mainly in the northwestern sections of the state as indicated by the SPC. As the warm air comes back from the gulf, some of that will ride up and over the cooler air, that could pop a few showers early in the morning, some could produce some small hail and gusty winds. Overall the weekend looks awesome, lots of sun, lots of music…. Afterall it is Riverfest so it is time to go out and see these guys tonight! By the way, that is Widespread Panic! Have fun this weekend and be safe!

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