Hottest day of 2011 so far goes into the record books…..

The graph above shows the temperature trend at the Little Rock airport today. Temperatures at sunrise were in the mid and low 70s. By 9am the temperature soared above our average afternoon high to 88 degrees and into the mid 90s two hours later. After a start like that, it was clear the old record high of 96 was not going to survive. The air kept warming up until 1:58pm when the Little Rock airport recorded its highest temperature of the day and a new record high: 99 degrees!

Though Little Rock did not manage to warm to 100F, a few cities did. Here are the towns that were part of the “100 Degree Club” today.

The upper level area of high pressure that’s been bringing us these warm temperatures is finally showing some signs of giving up. Sunday and Monday will still be extremely hot with highs in the mid and upper 90s. After Monday, however, the high pressure will weaken and move more to the east. That will allow for the chance of rain and for temperatures to fall back into the low and mid 90s.

Stay cool on Sunday by visiting some of our awesome lakes:


About Weather-Dork-Dee

I'm a meteorologist at KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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