Oh hail no!

This hail was captured earlier this afternoon in thunderstorms over Stone County in the town of Fox. The hail was reported as large as golfballs or bigger! Thanks to Fay for sending it in.

Hail like this is also a good indicator of possible strong winds. Summer time storms need to be extra tall in order to produce golfball size hail because the temperatures are so much warmer than they were back in the spring. A tall thunderstorm has access to cooler, drier air. These are also good ingredients for “downburst winds” (see previous blog post about downbursts: HERE). A thunderstorm thus that produces hail will often also produce strong winds. These types of storms are very common in the summer so just because it’s “only” a severe t-storm watch or warning, and not tornado, don’t take it lightly.

Greg “Weather Dork” Dee


About Weather-Dork-Dee

I'm a meteorologist at KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas. http://www.facebook.com/meteorologistgregdee
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