Severe possible in the NE today

Most of northeastern Arkansas is under a slight risk for severe weather today, this is the initial stages of the mid week pattern change we talked about last week. The line runs

from around Harrison to Little Rock to Lake village. As of this morning most of the storms were staying in central to eastern Missouri, all of them had movement towards the SE. At

the lease NE Arkansas gets hit with storms a bit later today, wind will be the primary threat. But there is that chance that they will hold together a bit and move into central Arkansas later this afternoon. Here is a look at the RPM model for later this afternoon….

By the way, movement on those storms is towards the SE at around 45 mph. Wind will be the primary threat but some small hail is also possible. We can expect more like this tomorrow in the NE with better chances for this in central Arkansas by the middle part of the week.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks Mike ! 🙂

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