Could it be? Is that rain? No way!

I know it seems like rain has been a very rare commodity around the state the last few weeks. Though we’ve had some sct’d storms, it seems not everyone has gotten what they needed, and even those that did get some, probably could use some more. There is hope for all of us next week.

EURO Model rain forecast for Wed midday.


 Take a look at the two model maps. The first one is from the EURO (European forecast model) and the second is the GFS model (Global Forecast System). 


GFS Model rain forecast for Wednesday morning.

Both show rain amounts over a 6 hour period. Both indicate amounts of over 0.5″ just in 6 hours with more likely later through the day on Wednesday and even on Thursday. By the time we get to Friday, some locations may pick up in excess of 2″ of rain.

Of course there is also another positive side to this, especially when looking at the GFS, which has rain earlier in the day: COOLER TEMPERATURES! With rain, storms and clouds around Wednesday and even Thursday, highs may be help to only the 80s in many places both days. That would certainly be a welcomed change.

Greg “Weather Dork” Dee


About Weather-Dork-Dee

I'm a meteorologist at KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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