No drought yet….but we could be heading there.

There is no doubt that the month of June has been off to a very dry start so far. Many cities are recording little or no rain. Deficits are running anywhere between 1-3″ so far just for June 2011. We have had some sct’d storms on-and-off lately, but many of these have effected only a very small part of the state and have not brought enough rain to really bring everyone what they need.

It’s not surprise then that the lack of rain has translated to temperatures that have been very much above normal. Through the first half of June, Little Rock’s average high should be about 88 degrees. This is similar for Pine Bluff and El Dorado. Jonesboro’s high temperatures during the first 17 days of June should average out to about 86. That’s certainly not been the case. Little Rock, Pine Bluff and El Dorado have averaged 96 degrees for an afternoon high. Jonesboro is leading the pack with an average of 97, recording a high of 100 on several occasions so far this month. Interesting to note, the other cities have not officially hit 100 yet so far this year.

Relief may be in sight however, if we can just make it through the next few days. A couple of computer models seems to agree that by Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a frontal system will approach the northern half of the state. This front will be the focusing mechanism for showers, storms and clouds. That of course will bring much-needed rain and with that, finally some cooler temperatures. Temperatures may actually be below our average high of 90 by Wednesday and Thursday, staying in the 80s in many places all day.

Greg “Weather Dork” Dee


About Weather-Dork-Dee

I'm a meteorologist at KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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