This one is for the records….

All I’m saying is that after a month like we’ve had, this better count for something!

The heat this June has been awful and tiring. The rain, well, what rain? I crunched some numbers tonight and it looks like if we hold on to this pattern until the end of the week then this month will definitely be a “Top 10” June. Here’s how things stack up so far:

It’s not a surprise that June 2011 has been hot. We’ve had 0.09″ of rain here in Little Rock and it all fell in one day. Two other days recorded “Trace” amounts but those don’t count toward the monthly total. We do have a chance of rain on June 28 (Tuesday), but, if the showers manage to avoid the airport, June 2011 will be the 3rd driest on record in Little Rock. That’ll put this month in some elite company. I mean, you really can’t get much drier than 0.09″ of rain. The only drier Junes have had 0.01″ and 0.00″ back in 1914 and 1952.


I don’t think anyone would be surprised then if I told them that because June has been one of the driest on record, it’s also been one of the warmest. Dry days usually mean more sunshine. Sunshine in the summer is mostly a result of strong high pressure, which typically means hotter temperatures. Looking at the average high temperature thus far, June 2011 falls in the #2 spot as the hottest in Little Rock history. We’ve average 95.5F so far this month. That’s just 0.1F above the #3 spot. Getting into the #1 spot is unlikely and even hanging on to the #2 position looks weak as any high temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday this week below 95F will pull us down and possibly into the #3 spot currently held by 1952.

Greg “Weather Dork” Dee


About Weather-Dork-Dee

I'm a meteorologist at KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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