This day just keeps on giving….

It was truly a beautiful day today. First it brought much-needed rain, then much-needed cooler temperatures. It’s ending was as dramatic as its beginning with a stunning, fiery sunset over the state capitol. I got these pictures from the roof of the Victory Building and around downtown Little Rock at sunset tonight.

Greg “Weather Dork” Dee (a little photo dork, too 😉 )


About Weather-Dork-Dee

I'm a meteorologist at KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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One Response to This day just keeps on giving….

  1. Ali says:

    The 2nd and 3rd pictures (last two on top row on blog post) are my favorites. You should try to crop them down to a smaller size, centering in and focusing on the capitol dome portion. As additional photos of course. They might look neat next to each other if you ever wanted to frame them because the pink (tone of red) and yellow are opposites.

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