Snow Moving into Atlanta!

It looks like a significant snow event is moving in the the N Georgia area through the afternoon. As of right now most of the area is under a winter storm warning through tomorrow morning mainly Atlanta and southward. The rest of the area north of the metro is under a winter weather advisory. For the winter storm warning there is a good Plotterpossibility of seeing 2-4 inches of snow in some areas. North of Atlanta could see 1-2 inches of snow, and yes it does look like it will be sticking. There is a mass of arctic air that is surging southward… again…. that mass is moving in as we speak. Just look at the temps to the north, they are all in the mid to lower 20’s!!temps

So basically anything that falls will be in the form of just snow. There is a lot of jet energy with this storm that is moving in from the west that is creating plenty of uplift. The reds you see here are winds in excess of of 100mph which is intense for a storm like this!simuawips-24Plus there is a surge of moisture coming in from the Gulf that is over riding the cold air. In other words it is going to snow for a while today in the metro area. Here are the latest snow accumulations for the area, I even think that the NAM might be undergoing it a bit, there is a good chance we could see a solid 2-3″ in the metro area.eventI will continue to update my facebook page and this blog, it is purely a personal blog, so check back often.

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