It Looks Like We Might be in Store for Some Severe Weather Next Week

It is a long way away, but it looks we might be in for a pattern shift. We have been consistently in a NW flow pattern, with wave after waves of cold air heading down the pike. It appears that the pattern could be changing a bit into more of a warm and potential severe weather pattern. This is the latest run from the EURO which shows a big Next Wed nasty blowling ball low coming out through TX and MS late Tuesday night. While this is going on we will be wedged with cold air in place until this low starts to kick out. Here are the temps for Tuesday night according to the EURO and as you can see, we are supposed to warm into the 60’s. This, by the way, is for Wednesday morning.Next Wed TempsYou can see that wedge trying to hang on, but I think it does release like both the GFS and EURO are saying which would put us into the warm sector of this system as it moves through AL and eventually N GA. Here is what the EURO is saying for that same time period next wed rainand it appears that the timing of the upper low, the surface low, and the warm sector could put us right into the potential for some severe weather. This surface low does look like it be in the right spot for this to happen so I will continue to monitor and put out blogs as frequently as I can.

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