WOW!! Next Week Could be Interesting!

Ok, I know it is a week away but the EURO model, which has been very accurate lately, is showing a very impressive dumping of snow across a large part of N Georgia!! big snow

Again this is just the second time the EURO has showed this solution but this could be a very interesting next 2 weeks in the world of weather.


I will keep you updated!

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17 Responses to WOW!! Next Week Could be Interesting!

  1. Renea Parks says:

    Mike! Am I understanding this right? This map is predicting the potential of 10.5″ of snow for Cobb county next week???? Eeek
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Your fellow Okie 🙂

  2. Brian Stewart says:

    Funny how Chris Holcomb hasent said anything about this. Thanks for keeping us updated Mike, i really appreciate your dedication and loyalty you show to your followers!

  3. Debra DeBord says:

    I did the persimmon thing Mike when you posted about it back in October or November. It was a persimmon out of our yard. It showed a spoon, which is supposed to be a lot of snow to shovel. I will be following your post closely on this one too.

  4. Awestbrook says:

    I wonder what other models are showing? What’s most frequently used nowadays? I used to use Nam, eta, mos stuff like that. But more than 72 hours out sometimes it’s very hard to predict the weather by using model data alone. The great thing about the weather is it’s always changing. That’s what makes it so fascinating!

  5. candidatein2012 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO……. Say it isn’t so!

  6. reneaparks7 says:

    Does this mean Cobb county may get 10″ next week? Eeeek
    Renea (Okie)

    Sorry if you this is a duplicate post.

  7. Sam says:

    How can I run the ECMWF model? Which url is it from:

  8. I didn’t know the Europeans used inches to measure there snowfall :O

  9. Mike Iconis says:

    Hey Mike, which site do you use to grab your computer models?

  10. Scott says:

    Is this early or late week?

  11. Karen Stevenson says:

    This is unacceptable, I have had enough of winter, time to start changing these forecast. Either way though Georgia will be surprised.

  12. Mike Francis – is that you? So we can follow you via this site, right? (I don’t trust anybody on local TV except maybe GB.)

  13. George says:

    Thanks. I have been wondering about it. The long range temp was borderline.

  14. Donald Wade Posey says:


  15. goat byars says:

    bring it on i got generators ready and freezers are full and woodpile is growing.

  16. Will says:

    Just wanting to check and see if the Euro model is still holding up for a significant southern snowstorm this coming up weekend. I am a weather enthusiast and would like to know what the latest models are saying.

    Thank you

    • wordzx says:

      EURO doesn’t look like this anymore. The snow line is into extreme Northern Tennessee and North Carolina.

      But midway through next week looks interesting on a couple of models. But not near this much snow.

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