Severe Weather Chances Up For Monday Morning

Severe weather chances are going up for tomorrow morning across the N Georgia area. This is a pretty strong disturbance coming in from the west, here is the 500mb vorticity at 5 and then 8am.5am

8amIt is the southern edge of this upper energy that will need to be monitored because as it swings around the main energy to the north it will move through very quickly. Like the outside person on a skating rink getting flung around. The moisture is somewhat limited, so therefore the instability is also limited as well. But with systems like this sometimes the moisture can creep in at the last minute. Notice here that the “wedge” is still holding,4am dewpbut there is a small window where that moisture can creep in. This is from 4am ahead of the main line that you can see below. So this line should move into the NW section of the 7am refl

state around 4am and be on the marginally strong side. As they move into the metro area there will be an area of high helicity, not too terribly high, but high enough to have me a bit concerned. This is the helicity at 5 am an notice that ahead of the line it is at around5am hel2-300, which is pretty high for getting storms to rotate. I will keep my eye on the latest computer model runs and let yet you know what’s changing overnight.

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One Response to Severe Weather Chances Up For Monday Morning

  1. awestbrook27 says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Question? I used to use weather tap are there any free sites besides NOAA that have good weather data and upper air charts on them?

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