Could Parts Of the Metro See Snow Thursday Night???

So we have this system that will be bringing us rain and potentially some storms on Wednesday night, but is is the system that will be coming in on the backside of this one that could be bringing parts of the Atlanta metro area some snow fall late Thursday night into early Friday morning! This is the latest NAM model run with the upper energy fri 1am vort

coming in later that night at around midnight and it is also at the same time that the temps around 5,000 feet will be cooling to right around the freezing mark. Here is 850

a look at the accumulated precip by around 1am on Friday and notice that thin blue line is the freezing line at 5,000 feet where typically the snow line is. If this thing comes down just a bit farther there is a good chance that we could see some snow across parts of the northern metro counties such as Cherokee, Pickens, and N Forsyth!! Here is a look sfc temps

at the surface temps at that time and as you can see they are in the mid to lower 30’s, so this thing is still very iffy as to if it will even happen, but my gut say that there is a good chance of seeing some snow in the metro late Thursday night into Friday morning. Heresnow

and yes that is a 2 inch swath of snow that falls in parts of the metro. Again, this is still 3 days away but this is the second time the NAM has been painting this solution!!! I will keep you posted. You can also follow the blog so that when I post an update you will get an email!!

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One Response to Could Parts Of the Metro See Snow Thursday Night???

  1. Brad Wiliams says:

    Freezing rain here in Little Rock this morning warming to 34 by this afternoon.
    Traffic on I-30 is backed up from the Arkansas river bridge downtown to Roosevelt road.
    A multi-car accident at Childrens Hospital has traffic on I-630 backed up to I-430. That’s pretty much the length of I-630. 😀

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