Storms Coming in Tonight Will Remain Totally Non Severe

simuawips-30The Wedge front is still holding strong across N Georgia tonight and the only area that might see a strong storm would we well to the SW of the Atlanta metro area. Above is the latest temp maps and as you can see we are totally wedged in with cool air that will not simuawips-31

budge easily, but as you can see on the latest NAM there is a small window to the SW near LaGrange that cold warm up just enough to see a few stronger storms there by around 4am. Not thinking severe, just a few boomers to create some thunder and a few pockets of heavier rain. nam_t2m_se_5

Here is the latest HRR model (basically a rapid refresh model) that shows the “stronger storms” in the exact same area. Again, I don’t think any of these will be severe but I will be tracking them just in case.5am

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3 Responses to Storms Coming in Tonight Will Remain Totally Non Severe

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you Mike. I’m from S. FL and tornado weather really scares me. I breed show cats and have to get them into the basement when tornados come close which is a lot of work. You have been great st passing along warnings, I feel safe with you at the helm. I’m located at exit 11 on I575. Thanks for being there for us!

  2. Marie says:

    Glad to know they will not be severe.

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