Interesting Scenario For Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night looks very interesting across the North Georgia area. A system coming in from the SW, that most of the long range models have not really been accurate with
simuawips-33will eject tomorrow afternoon and head in this direction. The upper energy with this will be moving through by around 6-7pm, and there will be a lot of upper level “forcing” with it. Essentially what this means is that the air upstairs that will be moving overhead will be extremely cold so it will “force” the air below to rise to balance Mama Nature out. 7pm

All the energy here will take around 3-5 hours to move through and will, at least in my opinion, give us some rain across most of the N Georgia are, lighter amounts to the north. The big iffy in this entire equation lies in the temps at around 5,000 feet.7pm850

That green line represents the 32 degree line at 5,000 feet, this is typically the line where you can see snow….. Yes temps at the surface might not be 32 or below, but this is where10pm850things get tricky about forecasting snow in the N Georgia. Where does that 5,000 freezing line set up and give us our rain / snow line? As you can see from 7-10pm a large portion of the northern metro counties cool the entire time. If the rain lasts longer than the NAM7pm rainis showing, parts of the northern could see a brief changeover to snow between around 7-10pm. I do think the mountains will see snow tomorrow night, just a dusting to 1″ at this point in tim. However I don’t think Atlanta will see any winter weather tomorrow night, just a cold rain. But as you all well know, I will keep you posted!!!

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One Response to Interesting Scenario For Tomorrow Night

  1. nivla5 says:

    Thank you Mr.Francis for the latest weather update for the tomorrow.

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