Latest GFS Finally Catching The Potential Winter Weather Thursday

The latest GFS model, which uses a completely different way of measuring the atmosphere that the NAM, is finally catching on to potential for winter weather in gfs_z500_uv_vort_east_9portions of N Georgia tomorrow night. This the energy now forecasted by the GFS to swing out tomorrow night between around 4-10pm and now the model is finally spittinggfs_precip_mslp_east_9gfs_ptype_slp_east_5

out some precip. Notice it is not for metro Atlanta but mainly for the northern and far western counties. BUT, the latest GFS is coming more in line with the NAM when it comes to the temps at 5,000 feet. As a matter of fact the GFS is now showing colder temps then the NAM at 5,000 feet! gfs_z850_uv_t_east_9

As of right now most of this energy is still outside the grid to really be able to tell exactly the track on this thing, but I will keep you updated! 

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