Saturday Morning Looking Interesting for North Georgia

So we escaped snow jam 2 tonight with just a few flurries across the area, but we are in a very active pattern with multiple potentials for some interesting weather over the next week. This next system coming out Saturday morning will be another interesting one to watch in the sense that it will be very similar to the one that came through today, but the upper energy will be a little stronger. Here is the progression of the energy from 4-7amSat 500 4am

This is the upper energy at 4am, all still in Alabama.Sat 500 7am

As we progress through 7am you can see that the big chunk of energy is really moving quickly through N Georgia. When it comes to the energy at 500mb, it is not where it is, but where it is going. So in terms of the upper energy, the best chance for any precip will be between 4 and 7am. Next thing to look at is what is happening at 850mb (500 feet). This is the snow level and just like today most of the area is below the freezing mark which means that at least at that level the precip will be falling as snow. Here is the progression of the 850 temps between 4 and 7 am and you will again notice that most of the region cools between these times. Almost all of N Georgia north of I-20 will have 850 temps below freezing which means that initially when the precip starts to fall it will as snow. BUT, will that snow make it to the ground? Here are the projected radar images from 4-7am from the NAM and once again I think it is under done in terms of coverageSat sfc 4am

Sat sfc 7am

So as you can see the moisture clears out quickly between 4 and 7 am so there will again be a very small window where we might see some snow and I think it is between 4 and 7am. If you look at the blue lines there you will see that that is the 35 degree line and 32 degree line, so as you can see we are well above freezing so most likely this will be a rain mixed some snow type of story. I am not expecting any accumulations at all with the exception of the mountains mainly Ellijay and eastward through the mountains. AS always if things change I will keep you posted!!!

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