This Will Not be Another Snow Jam!

The current bands of snow, light as they are, will not affect travel conditions across metro Atlanta tonight… This is not the same type of system that we saw last week. Here is the latest radar image and as you can see even though it is showing green across most of simuawips-37

the area, it is just mainly very light snow that is barely reaching the ground. This will not be a major player like the system we had last week so there is no need to worry. This system will be out of here within the next 2 hours and we will just see cooler air spill in tomorrow with highs in the 50’s. We are in a very active pattern and later tonight I will write a blog about all the changes that will be affecting us over the next 7 days… Looks very interesting for sure!

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One Response to This Will Not be Another Snow Jam!

  1. nivla5 says:

    Yeah!,more like a rain out.: )
    Thank you for all the updates Mr. Francis.

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