Major Winter Storm Looks Likely For the Atlanta Metro

The EURO from today continues to show 2 waves of winter weather moving through the metro area starting late tomorrow night. The first one appears to be mainly sleet and snow for tomorrow night with potential accumulations of 1-2″ of snow / sleet in the metro area with the potential for 2-4″ in the northern counties mainly north of Cherokee and Pickens. Here is the latest precip map from the EURO for Tuesday morning, but 7am tuemore importantly than the actual amount of “precip” is the temp line. Most of the metro is forecasted to be slightly above the freezing mark so I think that tomorrow night / Tuesday morning’s rain / snow mix will be  worse for travel conditions the farther NE you get of the city. I still think it will be a problem for travel in the metro area Tuesday morning with potentially 1″ of snow falling in Atlanta….

The day that has me concerned is Wednesday morning…. We have the potential for an ice storm as all models are heavily leaning towards a wedge style type of freezing rain event. This is the EURO for Wednesday morning and you can see the temperature lines have 7am wedcooled from the NE….. That means that the cold air is coming into the area from the NE from the mountains in a wedge style…..In other words is is extremely shallow and cold, even though the air above the air at the surface will be above freezing. In situations like this, potentially, the rain falls through the warm air and then goes into the layer of cold air at the surface and freezes when it hits the ground… This is potentially what we might be dealing with on Wednesday morning… In other words there is the potential for an ice storm on Wednesday morning that could be pretty significant….

I will have another blog out later tonight so stay tuned!!

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  1. Nancy Hensley says:

    Thank you, Mike. You rock!

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