An Analysis of the EURO Model for the Wednesday Event

So I posted an very scary picture earlier of the EURO model for Wednesday night and while it is entirely possible, I think it might be a very overdone. However the latest EURO snow my god

is definitely showing 3 separate parts to this storm. While tomorrow’s storm looks nasty for parts of the area, I am going to focus on the Wednesday here simply because there is the chance that this could be the worst winter storm Atlanta has seen in a very very long time. Obviously if you have been keeping up with the blog the last few days this is a classic wedge style event that will start on Wednesday morning as sleet, but also mainly freezing rain…. Here is the progression of temps between 7am and 1pm for Wed. You can see how they all cool from the NE, and most of us go into the upper 20’s and lower 30’s….Wed 7amThis is for 7am and you will see that we are all in the lower 30’s, we will have some rain falling at this point in time so this is when things with this event start to get bad. The image below is for 1pm and you will see how the temps have dropped by around 3-4 degrees….. Yeah, not good…wed 1pmThe next image is about the rain amounts, notice that by later in the afternoon we could see 1″+ of rain across the metro area, with the heaviest rain to the south of Atlanta. But almost wed 1pm2all of this, as long as the temps cool the way they are forecasted to, will be in the form of freezing rain. There is the potential that we could see an ice storm here that puts down a solid sheet of ice 1/2 thick, possibly more….. Now I don’t think this happens for all of us, but this is a very serious situation that will need to be continually updated. Then after the ice storm hits, we will see the transition of this storm from ice storm to a major snow event for parts of the area!!! The image at the top I will post again below so you don’t have to scroll up, but I do think this is WAY overdone, at least for now that is my thinking. There is a very good chance that some of us, especially as you get NE of the city, will see 4-6″ of snow on top of this layer of ice!! snow my god

As you all know me, I will be obsessing on this and give updates as often as the latest models come out.

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One Response to An Analysis of the EURO Model for the Wednesday Event

  1. Mike says:

    Crazy Run. 1/2 inch – 1 inch of ZR with snow on top here in Athens…. I may have to make Olympic medals for my kids!!

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