Winter Storm Warning / Winter Weather Advisory / Winter Storm Watch for N Georgia


All of N Georgia north of I-20 is under a winter weather advisory, with a portion under a winter storm warning from tonight into Tuesday. There is also a winter storm watch in effect for the entire area from Tuesday night into Thursday. Tues NoonThis will be a 2 part storm with the first part moving in mainly tomorrow morning in the form of sleet and snow and lasting through tomorrow night. This image above is for tomorrow at noon and the entire area is getting a snow / sleet mixture. In the advisory area there is a good chance of seeing up to 2″, with 2-4″ in the warning area. This is the NAM for snow depth by tomorrow night.nam_3hr_snow_acc_se_15

So that is wave one and it will create some serious travel headaches across all of the area tomorrow morning through tomorrow night… Then wave #2 comes in on Wednesday and this is the one that I am really concerned about. Every model, the NAM, EURO, and GFS are all indicating an ice storm starting Wednesday morning. This is the latest NAM for noon on Wednesday, and as you can clearly see we are wedged with freezing rain across the entire area…. This part of the storm will start Wednesday morning and last all the way through the overnight hours into Thursday… Most of the area will see 0.25-0.5″ of a mixture of sleet and freezing rain. This is the NAM for 10am on Wednesday…. Wed 10amThen after around 12 hours of sleet and freezing rain we will see this transition to a snow event overnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Most of the area could see 2-4″ of snow on top of the ice we will already have on the ground…. thus 1am

This is a serious storm as the Governor has already declared a State of emergency….. I will keep updates coming out as fast as I can!

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  1. Roxana says:

    Thank you for making it so clear!

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