Winter Weather Event 12:30am Update

The latest NAM run is in and it is showing the winter weather “event” for us here in N Georgia continues to look very likely. The winter storm watch goes from tomorrow night at 7pm through Wednesday at 7am, but I know that this will get extended.image_full5

The latest NAM is showing this system in 2 parts, two very distinct parts. The first one comes in late tomorrow night as light light rain and snow across most of the metro area. Here is the latest NAM for tomorrow night /Tuesday morning, most of the snow will be light with accumulations of around 1″ in the metro area with 2-3″ possible in the mountains.Tue amThe latest NAM and the National Weather Service is really focussing on the potential “wedge style” ice storm on Wednesday, this is also what I think is the worst part of the storm. This is the latest NAM, and it is really in agreement with the GFS and the EURO for an ice storm hitting most of N Georgia from I-20 north. The image below is from the last NAM run for Wednesday noon and it clearly Wed amshows a what I consider a major winter weather event for a large portion of the area. The actual line of where we get ice and where we get rain is still at least one day away, but it is looking more likely that we will have a significant winter weather event that could last from early Tuesday morning through Wednesday afternoon.

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