8am Tuesday Morning Update

This is just a quick update for this morning, I will have more details on the scenario for tomorrow in later blogs. As of around 7:55 this morning this was the radar image which radarshows the rain / snow line mainly north and west of the Atlanta area. From this first wave I think most of the perimeter will see just rain, but for the counties west and north we could see 1-3″ throughout the rest of the morning. That area of snow that is just to the NW of the city has been moving east and mixing into the north metro area. This will continue to be the the case for the next several hours with the areas that have been seeing snow all night could seed an additional 1-2″ of heavy wet snow. This will last on and off as mainly a mix through the morning and then taper off as we get to around noon. It is then when we will start switching gears for the major part of the storm that comes in later tonight. I will have an update on that one a bit later this morning.

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