Ice Storm / Snow Storm 4:00pm Update for Tuesday Afternoon

The latest model runs are all streaming in and one thing is for certain.. We are in for a major ice storm followed by a major snow storm. This will be two part event that will start overnight tonight and last through the overnight hours on Thursday. I have looked at all models and it appears that the track of the surface low coming in from the gulf might be a little further south than the GFS and EURO have been hinting at for the last few days.ecmwf_slp_precip_atl_6

Even though the low might track a bit further to the south, look at how much rain will fall by taking a look at the scale to the right… Also notice where the 32 degree line is.. It is now, according to the EURO much further SW than the last few runs. Now, with that aside everyone in N Georgia is going to be impacted by this storm so don’t let the specifics of the exact track of this storm make you think that you will not be impacted…. You and everyone here in the N Georgia area will be impacted. It only takes .01″ of freezing rain to render a city the size of Atlanta, or any city for that matter, useless.

We can expect this thing to start moving in here overnight and according to the NAM and the EURO we will see temps fall into the mid and upper 20’s by around 7am tomorrow..

Wed 7amand by around 3-4am we will start to have a nasty nasty ice storm. This will last for a majority of the day tomorrow and it could seriously knock out power for a lot of us!! There is the potential of up to 1″ of solid ice across parts of the area tomorrow like, Athens, Auburn… This will then wind wind down with a big snow storm tomorrow night that should start by around 8-9pm and affect most os us east of 575 and north of 20! Areas like Gainesville and areas NE of the city could see around 6-8 inches, for the rest of the metro north of 20 we will see 2-4, possibly 5-6 inches tomorrow night…..

I will have another blog out soon to try to nail the exact path of the heaviest ice and snow!

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4 Responses to Ice Storm / Snow Storm 4:00pm Update for Tuesday Afternoon

  1. Susie Kinsey says:

    Wow wow wow! I knew it was going to be a bad winter as our summer was pretty mild. But this is crazy! Thanks for always keeping us informed!

  2. Carla fuller says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed and being right!!

  3. Roxanne Hewitt says:

    Your update gave us more information than any of the weather channels so far today! We will keep reading and thank you Mike Francis!

  4. Tabitha says:

    Is it obnoxious that I’m EXCITED?! I live in Gainesville. Wooooo! I’ll have to share some photos!

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