Quick 8pm Winter Storm Update

This system is starting to come a little better into focus and I will really be able to get a handle on where the most ice and snow will be as we go through this long night. As I said in many blogs today, the track of this storm will really determine where the most problems in terms of ice and snow will occur, but here is an update based on the 7pm pressure map you can see below. I have circled the area that appears to be the spot of where the surfacesimuawips-44

low is developing in the gulf. So lets compare that location where the actual low is now and put it up against where the 7pm GFS forecast is and that will really help guide me to where the track will go. gfs_precip_mslp_east_3

As you can see here the forecasted low is south of the actual low at 7pm, the low is still over the gulf and will get picked up by our analyses better for the next run…. But, I will say that if the actual readings that I am seeing on this analysis are accurate, it could take more of a northerly track than the last few model runs have been saying…. That means that the ice threat and heaviest ice threat could shift a bit north of what the NWS had this morning. image_full6Let me show you what their forecast was for this morning, and if this system takes more of a northerly jog, that will put the bullseye of ice further north as well…. It is still hours away from knowing the exact track, but as always I will keep you updated.

Again let me reemphasize that everyone in N Georgia will be heavily impacted by this winter storm so don’t let the exact track let your guard down.

I will have another blog out soon to try to nail the exact path of the heaviest ice and snow!

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4 Responses to Quick 8pm Winter Storm Update

  1. Leigh says:

    I am glued! Thanks so much!

  2. B.Ragan says:

    You are awesome Mike! The only weather person I trust! I don’t look to the news or The Weather Channel, I look at your blog!

  3. awestbrook27 says:

    With a low developing would that slow down the system a bit! But proberly not much since the long wave pattern is zonal! Just thinking out loud!

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