Latest EURO Model Shifts the Ice Storm Just a Bit to the North

The latest EURO is in and like I was talking about in the last few blogs, this storm might take a slight jog to the north. This is the latest EURO for tomorrow morning at 7am and you can see that the main area of freezing rain (which all of this you can see here will be either sleet or freezing rain) is now farther north than previous 7am

The next image is from noon tomorrow and this is the one that really concerns me. The shift to the north (if indeed this happens) in the track of this storm that the NAM and EURO are now showing could put the heaviest area of freezing right inside the metro Atlanta area. This would mean that a large portion of metro Atlanta could  take the brunt of this ice storm today. This is for 1pm tomorrow…… Yikeswed 1pm


This is liquid equivalent rainfall totals across the area, but all of this will be freezing rain and sleet. Notice that bullseye of precip runs right through the main metro counties… If this and the NAM are correct, we could see a solid 0.75-1″, or possibly more, of freezing rain followed by 4-6″ of snow…. More updates to come soon!!

Again let me reemphasize that everyone in N Georgia will be heavily impacted by this winter storm so don’t let the exact track let your guard down.

I will have another blog out soon to try to nail the exact path of the heaviest ice and snow!

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3 Responses to Latest EURO Model Shifts the Ice Storm Just a Bit to the North

  1. Monica says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this. You truly are a meteorologist and know what is what. Been following you this entire storm and you’re doing better than the actors on TV.

  2. Deborah Peal says:

    Thanks so much for all you do….keeping an eye through your forecast.

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