Latest on the Serious Ice Storm Situation

Here is the latest in what is now shaping up to the worst ice storm for the Atlanta metro area in decades… This wedge of cold air continues to build in from the NE and you can clearly see it here in the latest obs. All this means is that down here at the surface the simuawips-51

air continues to get colder. Meanwhile as the rain and sleet come in from the SW, the air above the surface gets warmer and warmer. This is the 7:30 radar depiction in 2 parts…. The first part shows you were the winter weather is falling and basically everyone is seeing either ice or freezing rain with the exception of the far far northern counties that are all seeing snow.radar

This second one here is showing you what I thought yesterday and that is the heaviest precip is falling north where a lot of others were calling for it to fall south of the metro.radarThe latest radar and the latest HRR models both show that the heaviest banding of sleet and freezing rain will move right through metro Atlanta throughout the day. That is bad…. Here is a series from the HRR (just a rapidly updated model) that shows this event lasting the entire day with possible liquid equivalent totals of ice in metro Atlanta over 1″!!! Below is the HRR for 9am and the ice storm is completely underway right here.9amThis next image is from noon today and the ice continues to fall…Noon

And here it is at 7pm, yes it is still icing outside but starting to change to snow…. Most of the metro Atlanta area will 2-4″ of snow on top of the ice starting tonight around 7pm..7pm

However, the scariest of all the HRR output is the rainfall amounts that we are going to potentially see. Parts of the heaviest icing is smack dab center of the highest population in the Atlanta metro area and could see well over an inch of pure ice!!!rain totals

With the potential for even higher amounts!!

Again like I said last night, everyone in the area is going to be heavily impacted by this storm, everyone…. This will be a storm for the record books so just batten down the hatches.

Again let me reemphasize that everyone in N Georgia will be heavily impacted by this winter storm so don’t let the exact track let your guard down.

I will have another blog out soon to try to nail the exact path of the heaviest ice and snow!

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3 Responses to Latest on the Serious Ice Storm Situation

  1. Gail M. Ferguson says:

    I have made several attempt at subscribing to your blog to no avail. I put my e-mail in and hit submit but never receive the confirmation email. Any suggestions? On topic, thank you for all you do for we weather geeks and Atlantans! I am addicted to your blog, Facebook page and all your reports. I can not express my appreciation enough for your thoroughness and sharing of your knowledge.

  2. Jeanie says:

    Thanks Mike, keep us posted. Would rather read your blog than watch the TV.

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