Storms Prediction Center Issues MCD for Big Snow and Ice Across N Georgia

The storms prediction center in Norman, OK has issued a “mesoscale convective discussion” for the entire N Georgia area tonight for the potential for a continuation of what has been a very nasty winter storm already. Take a look at what they are showing


The reason for this is the upper system is really moving out and starting to really kick in. Here is a look at where the upper system is right now. So as the system kicks out tonight simuawips-60some serious upper level forcing will start to take place across the area. All upper forcing does is make the precip come down harder due to massive amounts of rising air.simuawips-61 In a nutshell the SPC is somewhat where I am in the sense that this winter storm continues to be awful, but I think that the snow line gets much closer to Atlanta and even into the metro area later tonight. We will see a sleet storm continue for a while, then later tonight it all transitions to snow. Here are the latest images from the HRR and it is confirming that all of N Georgia basically transitions to all snow by around 7-10pm!! This is the HRR from 7pm tonight and you will notice that the snow line is now from around LaGrange to Smyrna through northern Gwinnett and Barrow.7pm

And by around 9pm almost all of the metro area sees snow… On top of all the ice and sleet we have already had today! Here is the latest HRR for tonight at 9pm, I think by then most9pm

After that things will start to wind down a bit and we could see some more light snow and a bit of sleet for the remainder of the night. This is the totals map for snow from the latest HRR and I think this is very in line with what I am thinking.snow

Yes, parts of the metro Atlanta area could see around 4-6″ of snow tonight. So while I somewhat agree with the SPC on the MCD, I don’t fully agree with their placements of where the snow will be… I think it gets into the metro area tonight and just adds another layer of winter weather onto the layers we already have.

For western counties we could see an additional 2″ of snow, the mountains will see around 5-7″, and parts of the northern metro counties will potentially see 3-5″ with some areas having 6″!!

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