Winter Storm 12:30 Update

Ok guys, we are in a bit of a lull right now, but that will not continue for much longer… Here is a look at current radar and you can see the first wave is moving through and pushing east. But look to the SW and you can see that we are starting to see more redevelop..radar

Look at the current upper level maps and you will notice 2 distinct waves, the first is the one that is pushing through now…. that one is small compared to the energy still out to the west.. That big old mass of upper energy is what is going to start moving through the area later on this afternoon / evening. simuawips-52

So again don’t think this is winding down, or fizzling out. We have a major mess already in place and we have much more to go through. The next 3 images are from the very accurate HRR (rapid refresh ) model and it shows distinctly wave number #1 moving through now and winding down just a bit.. this is for 2pm later this afternoon and it puts us into a lull2pm


By 5pm the next and much bigger wave begins to move in from the SW…. you can see plenty of “precip” by 5pm developing in Alabama heading in this direction.5pm This is when we will start to see the heaviest of the icing / sleet / snow out of this system. Look at what happens by 7pm later tonight according to the HRR. Now that is a complete mess of a winter storm if this verifies, which I think it will…7pmNotice the distinct blue / purple line. For those of you out west from around Lagrange to Carrolton, up to Ball Ground then up into the mountains you can expect almost all snow. For the Atlanta area we are going to have more major icing / sleet to deal with. By 10pm that distinct line runs from Merriwether county to Clayton to Barrow. hrrr_ref_atl_15Everyone in the area north of that will get snow, most will see at least 2-3″, but the areas on the northern area of this “shield” could see 4-6″ of snow by around midnight tonight with some spots in the northern counties seeing a foot!!! Check out what the latest snow estimates are for the area. I do think they could be a bit high, but only by about 1 to 2″snow totals

Let me reemphasize that this is nowhere near over by any means…. I think this thing will finally wind down by around midnight tonight!! Lots of updates through the day.

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