Winter Storm 8pm Update

This storm continues to evolve throughout the night and it looks like now it is all about “nowcasting”, basically analyzing where the storm is and where it going. To the west we continue to see snow, and now convective snow. In other words areas of snow that could have busts of rates of 2″ per hour. It is all right there on the radar down below and you radar

can see the areas that are having the heaviest snow are all moving right towards the metro area. Now most of this will miss areas south of Atlanta, but in the northern suburbs we could see an additional 2-4″. This is line with what the HRR was saying earlier where parts of the North Metro counties could see between 2-4 inches. Here is the HRR for 9pm9pm

and even though it is not showing the convective bursts like what are actually showing up on radar, it is still showing a large portion just to the north and west of the metro with snow. It looks like it will last through at least 11pm, here is the 11pm HRR11pm

The latest HRR is also showing what I think is a much more realistic forecast for snow snowacross the area with northern metro counties like Pickens, N Cherokee, Gilmer, Fannin and White counties seeing potentially 4-6″.

For Atlanta I think the 1-2″ additional to what already fell today is a definite possibility with some of these heavier bands moving in from Alabama. And as matter of fact all models are pointing to all metro counties north of I-20 to see at least 2″ of snow for the remainder of the night.

Just make sure you stay home and off the roads!

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