Another Round of Snow Tomorrow Night??

Ok, I know this is getting really old really fast.. But there is yet again another chance of seeing some of the area seeing a rain/snow mix across the N Georgia area tomorrow night. The chances are very iffy, but  the last few runs of the NAM have all pointed towards some light rain mixed with snow across the area. Now the GFS and the EURO are not showing this, but they are both showing atmospheric temps and dynamics capable of producing snow. Here is the latest NAM for 1am on Saturday for accumulated precip by 1am on Saturday.1am 2

This shows precip moving across the area caused by a potent “clipper” coming in from the NW. Here is a look at the upper energy forecasted to move across the area late tomorrow night into early Saturday morning…. It is pretty potent for a clipper1am

Now all the models are saying all rain, and I think there is a chance that could happen.. But the temps at 5,000 are going to be well below freezing, if you remember from yesterday’s storm when those temps are below freezing most of the time you will see snow. Here are the forecasted temps at 5,000 ft for tomorrow night at 1am and you can see the 0 degree temp line through most of N Georgia. nam_z850_uv_t_se_11

The critical thing that will be happening tomorrow night is when does the precip come in timing wise compared to the cold air. I think that this will start out as all rain, but on the back edge of the rain shield we could see a few flakes mixing in with the rain….

Let me stress this.. This will NOT be a major winter weather even across the area by any means so do not worry that this will be like what we had yesterday or on Tuesday!

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