Winter Weather Chances Tonight Look Slim

I have been going over the latest data from all the models and here is what I am thinking will go down later tonight. First of there is a very strong clipper coming in from the NW that is bringing a lot of upper level energy with it. Check out the upper level energy coming in later tonight, this is for 1am Saturday morning.1am

All of that energy you see in Alabama is the energy that will be moving across the area later tonight. The timing on the system and the cold air coming in with will be determining factor on whether or not we get snow. As of right now is appears that the cold air will get here after the upper energy passes through. Here are the 850 (5,000 feet) temps and as 1am 850

you can see, the cold air is delayed behind this system by around 1 hour. In other words when this system comes in it will be all rain…. BUT, on the very back side of this system we could see a brief changeover to snow, mainly well to northeast of the perimeter and this will happen around 3am. Most of the area that will see snow will be northeast of Forsyth county and it will be mainly just a dusting. The mountains from around Ellijay eastward could see around 1-2″ through tomorrow morning. Here is the NAM for 1amnam_ptype_slp_se_7

and as you can see we all get just rain. But it is again on the backside of this system that we will see the brief changeover well to the northeast of the city. I think that Atlanta sees just rain with a very slim potential of some flurries mixed in at the end of this thing. I think this it a total non event.

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One Response to Winter Weather Chances Tonight Look Slim

  1. CA says:

    Thank you Mike, miss you on TV…will get my weather here now that I have found you!

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