Severe Weather Chances Possible For Thursday Night

There has been a lot of talk about the chances of severe weather this Thursday night. Here is the outlook from the SPC about late Thursday night:day4prob

There is a very powerful disturbance coming in from the SW and with the temps we have been having, and we are expected to continue to have, the air will be primed for storms. Here is the disturbance as according to the EURO model and as you can see, most of the intense energy goes to the north of N Georgia… But this is usually the set up for severe weather across the N Georgia area. This is for 1am Friday morning.thu 500


The energy coming from out west will be very strong, and if there is severe weather it will be in the overnight hours starting from the NW and making its way towards the metro by the morning. This is one of the things that for right now makes me think that this will be less of a problem than if it came in at 3-4pm. Like I said, as of right now I think the key is going to be what happens at the surface, the upper level energy will be completely in place.thu 300 Here are the 300mb winds for 1am Friday morning, and all this says is that the tail end of the jet will be in place as the front moves through. That puts the strongest lift and spin over N GA and N AL…. Here is the front with the storms as it approaches the state at 1am Friday morning. I am thinking that a timeframe of 7-10am for Friday morning is what we are looking at.Thu sfcRight now I am thinking on a level of 1-10 this is looking like possibly a 3 so I will keep the blog updated constantly over the next few days to keep you updated as to what the threat looks like. For right I am thinking mainly straight line winds, but that could change.

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One Response to Severe Weather Chances Possible For Thursday Night

  1. I really appreciate your blog and FB page! Thank you for keeping in touch with us and good luck!!!

    And how can I get my 10m y.o. daughter interested in meteorology???

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