Winter Weather Chances Next Week?

It is still very early, but both long range models (the EURO and the GFS) are pointing at the potential for some snow across parts of N Georgia next week. Now, I will tell you that my initial thoughts are for just rain simply because at this time of the year the chances for snow in this part of the country are slim since we are getting close to spring and we have a lot more sunlight.  Here is what the latest GFS is saying for next Tuesday night… This is a strong clipper coming in from Tuesday night the NW so it will have cold air at the upper levels, but at the surface since we have been in the 60’s and 70’s it will take a lot to really get it to snow. Notice that all the snow stays in Tuesday 7pmthe NC mountains for Tuesday night. The EURO (shown above) is a bit more aggressive with the snow area for next week as it brings the snow line late in the afternoon down to around Cumming. The blue line shows where the 32 degree line is for 7pm Tuesday night. But I really think that that the EURO is too aggressive on this one, I think we are just going to see a rain event next week, but things could change. I’ll keep you posted and again thanks for coming to and supporting the blog!

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One Response to Winter Weather Chances Next Week?

  1. Karl Kuhlken says:

    Is there a reason why the 32º line is always in the Atlanta area during possible snow events? It always seems that the changeover zone is right here and that we never know until right before the event. Does it have to do with the Appalachains? Other topography?

    Follow up question – If it is topography, is it the same reason that tornadoes rarely hit Paulding?

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