GFS Also Showing Winter Weather for Next Wednesday

If you go down to the blog below from this morning’s EURO run you will see that both long range models (GFS and EURO) are showing another winter weather scenario for next Wednesday morning. Both the models have been showing this consistently and another massive chunk of arctic air (I don’t like the term Polar Vortex for what these are) breaking off and heading into the eastern 1/3 of the US. Here is that mass of arctic air for next Wednesday in terms of the temps at 5,000 feet, those are mid January numbers!!gfs_z850_uv_t_east_37

So the temps at 5,000 feet are cold enough to support snow, down at the surface for Wednesday morning, according to the latest GFS, are in the 20’s!!gfs_t2m_east_37

While all this is going on, the GFS and the EURO bring a system in from the west and look what the GFS does for us on Wednesday morning…gfs_ptype_slp_east_19

Yes sir, that is another swath of southern snow across a large portion of the N Georgia area for early Wednesday morning. It is still 5 days away and I have been leaning towards mainly rain, but now it is looking more and more like the possibility of another snow event could happen. I will keep you updated and let you know about the changes in this forecast.

PLUS, I will start having webcasts starting tomorrow for those who have been wanting those as well!

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