Potential for Winter Weather Next Wed??

It is a week away but both the EURO and the GFS have both been hinting at another shot of winter weather coming at us next Wednesday… Yeah, not what everyone wants to hear but here is a look at Wednesday morning at 7am from the EURO and you can see precip across parts of N Georgia and the freezing line awfully close to us…7am wed euroFor this time of the year we normally will say that this will be all rain, but with this winter all bets are off on what exactly this could be. Here is a look at 7pm that night and you can see that the freezing line has gone even further south, so we could be actually cooling during the day. 7pm wed euro

Now take a look at the snow depth for that same time frame and you can see that it is all in the mountains, which would be the sensible solution for this potential winter weather scenario next week….. But the fact that the models are kind of going back and forth of this one tells me that next week could be an interesting scenario to watch.7am wed euro 2

Again, this is almost a week away but this has been a very cold winter and anything is possible. I will as always give you updates at every model run to diagnose any changes and let you know as we get closer to next week what I think will be happening.

PLUS, I will start having webcasts starting tomorrow for those who have been wanting those as well!

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2 Responses to Potential for Winter Weather Next Wed??

  1. Webcasts like you did at 11, or live streams like Spann does, where you can interact with your legions of fans? Live stream is where it’s at man! Better teaching tool if that is your intent with these detailed blogs. Just sayin’…

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