Lake In Tanzania Turns Birds Into What Appears to be Stone!!

This has to be one of the most interesting and weird blogs I have ever had the chance of sharing with all of you. Below is what appears to be what looks to be a Gargoyle!!! Nick Brandt ( Nick Brandt: Across The Ravaged Land ) has discovered a lake in Tanzania, called Lane Natron, thatCalcified Bat II


has an alkalinity of ph 9.0-10.5, which is an extremely high basic alkalinity, and “petrifies” birds who land in the water. Now there is a lot of speculation as to how exactly these birds die…. Some think that the water is so high in PH value that the reflectivity is extremely high and the birds literally hit the water so hard that they become unconscious and drown. Other theories are that the birds die naturally on the shoreline and then fall into the water. Whatever the cause of death is, the end result is the same. The extreme alkalinity of the lake mummifies, not petrifies, these birds into extremely gothic looking creatures. Here are some more of the pics from Nick Brandt:Calcified Fish Eagle Calcified Swallow bird 3 bird 2 Bird 1

What makes this art is the fact that Mr. Brandt did not find these birds like this. He actually found them on the shoreline of this mysterious lake and put them into these poses. For what it’s with, I think this is one of the wildest things I have seen in a very long time!

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3 Responses to Lake In Tanzania Turns Birds Into What Appears to be Stone!!

  1. Scott C. says:

    That is really bizarre but intriguing at the same time.

  2. Cay says:

    I am hearing rumors about the first week of March . What do you see?

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