Wednesday Morning Winter Weather Potential Sunday Afternoon Update

Due to some time constraints (taking the kids to the Lego Land at 1:30) this will be a brief update on the latest model runs for Wednesday morning. I will have an in depth webcast this afternoon to talk more in depth about the potential for winter weather by around 4:30 this afternoon.

Both the GFS and the EURO continue to show the potential for a bit of winter weather early Wednesday morning across parts of N Georgia. Below is the GFS for 7am Wednesday morning and the 35 degree line is well into the metro area as well as the 32 degree into most counties north of the metro area. The precip is a little drier in this latest run, but that means nothing when you have some upper energy like we do with this system. Now it is not as potent as the system we saw 1 1/2 weeks ago, or 2 weeks before that, but sometimes the GFS underestimates the amount of moisture that can be squeezed out. The snow depth line on this run is a bit further north, but the GFS is a flip flopper. Here are both of these maps at 7am.GFS 7am line GFS 7am

The EURO model is a bout more aggressive with the moisture on this one so consequently it is showing more snow across the area. Mainly from LaGrange to Carrollton to N Cherokee county and NE to NE Pickens.. Again, this is still 3 days away but these 2 models EURO 7am Wed Line Euro 7am snowhave been pretty consistent with showing some type of winter weather across the area. I don’t think we will be having any problems in the metro area with travel, but in the far northern counties there could be a few issues early Wednesday morning…. This will be a changing forecast so follow the blog by going to the right hand side and clicking on follow as well as following me on Facebook and twitter.

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