The Sun Emits Largest Solar Flare in 2 Years!!!

Last night at 7:49 EST the Sun released its largest solar flare in over 2 years!! This was a X-4.9 which is in the highest class possible. According to scientists at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, this was one of the largest solar flares of the current solar cycle. Each solar cycle lasts between 9-14 years. x4 astronomer Tony Phillips said the following about the flare:

““Long-lived sunspot AR1967 returned to the Earthside of the sun on February 25 and promptly erupted, producing an X4.9-class solar flare. This is the strongest flare of the year so far and one of the strongest of the current solar cycle.”

The flare released a massive CME (coronal mass ejection) but luckily it was directed away from the Earth. Take a look at this massive CME below!!!c2_cme

According to scientists, the leading edge of the CME was traveling at 4.4 million miles per hour!! If such a massive burst of radiation hit the earth dead on it would be devastating for all communications across the world, luckily it won’t hit us!!!

Sunspot AR 1967 has been very active and will continue to be a very active sunspot as it continues its “Earthside” journey. Below is the Xray Flux data chart, basically it shows solar activity and you can see the peak in the data and the Sun release that flare last night!6a0148c78b79ee970c01a73d81071d970d


As for the winter weather, I will have another update on the winter weather in the latest blog by 4:30 this afternoon!

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