Winter Weather Update for Wednesday Morning 11pm Update

The latest data is in and the latest computer models are all pointing towards a mix in the western and northwestern sections of the N Georgia area and a mild snow event for the mountains and far northern counties. From earlier tonight I saw reports of “thunder sleet” in MS from this area of rain and light sleet that is currently falling in N Alabama. This is radarpart of the system that will be moving in later through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. The latest high res NAM is showing a mix of rain and snow moving into the western sections of the state by around 5am with Polk and Haralson counties seeing a mix of rain and snow. All of the areas north of that will be light snow even though the NAM is showing all rain. Here is a time series of what I think will be happening and I agree with the latest runs with the areas in purple being that winter mix. This is from 6am through 9am for the metro area. This is 6am and the first area of mix is in the purple6am


The next is for 7am and the area of mix starts to expand into the western counties7am

By 8am the coverage will have expanded more into the western counties8am

by 9 am it is beginning to wind down as the system starts to pull away. All the northern counties north of where the NAM is showing a mix will be all light snow. 9am

By this point in time it is mainly rain with a few flakes of snow across the area, but the far northern counties will still see light snow with possibly 1″+ for the mountains from Ellijay to Blue Ridge and eastwards through the N Georgia mountains.

For the metro counties this means that we will see all rain south of Duluth to Alpharetta to Marietta to Carrolton. There is a possibility we could see a flake or two of snow mixed in with the rain around 8am, but there will be ZERO travel problems in the metro area. It will be north of Bartow, Pickens, and Dawson where there could be a few slick spots on the bridges and overpasses, but as for the metro area we will have none.

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