Sunday Morning Weather Update

The pattern for this week continues to look active with a few systems coming through. The first comes through tomorrow with just rain and a few t-storms, the next (and much trickier one to forecast) comes through Thu-Fri depending which model you put your confidence in.

As for today we can expect it to feel a lot like spring with temps in the lower 70’s across all of N Georgia, skies will be partly cloudy. It truly is going to be a gorgeous day!

For tomorrow the WRF brings the rain in around 7am across the metro and gives us a good soaking, a few t-storms could be embedded with the rain but there is zero chance of severe weather. The is the WRF for tomorrow at 7am.7am

As for the system coming in later this week, both the EURO and the GFS are playing the model hokey pokey. The GFS brings this system in totally warm with no chance for winter weather early Thursday through Thursday night. The EURO brings this system in 18 hours later and MUCH colder. The EURO is showing all rain at the start, then at the end of this system a swath of snow moves through parts of N Georgia. Again, 2 models with 2 different solutions. I will get a much better handle on this.

This is the EURO for Friday morning 7am. The area of precip that is NW of the surface low is in the perfect position to see snow. This run has toned down a bit which says me that the EURO is trending towards less snow, we will see.fri morn euroThis is the GFS for Thursday night and the thing about this latest run is that it is MUCH thu pmwarmer than the previous runs. The reason I am not totally buying this is the ice and snow storm that are affecting the central US today… There is going to be a lot of snow and ice on the ground to the north that will affect future runs.

For right now just keep up with the blog and I will have more updates throughout the week.

I will continue to update the blog and facebook page every model run that comes out. On the right hand side under the facebook and twitter feeds you can subscribe to the blog and you will get an email every time I update it.

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