Monday Night Weather Update

For the overnight hours there is a slim chance that we could see a bit of freezing drizzle across the area. We have a mini wedge front that will move in from the NE tonight that will bring with it the chance of some patchy drizzle. With the arctic air we have in place we could see some areas see some freezing drizzle for tomorrow morning’s commute. Here is the latest WRF and you can see that wedge front moving in from the NE and the drizzle tonight

that will occur because of it. I am not expecting anything in terms of travel problems in the morning but if you have a very fine layer of ice on your car in the morning just be careful of the bridges and overpasses.

The system that is forecasted to move in on Thursday is starting to look more like the GFS solution that the EURO as it was the last few days. In other words the system appears to be faster than the EURO was forecasting and that the system will be warmer as well. Here are the latest  EURO and GFS for Thursday at 7pm and with both of them you can see that it is EURO Thu 7pm GFS Thu 7pmis now looking like all rain…. Thank goodness!! However we will yet again bee seeing another shot of colder air coming down into the area that will mainly affect us on Thursday and Friday. Highs on Thursday will only make it into the mid to upper 40’s and Friday’s highs will only be in the mid 50’s!ecmwf_t2m_atl_15ecmwf_t2m_atl_18

As of right now the weekend is looking great with highs in the mid and upper 60’s!!

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