Large Asteroid Will Pass Between the Earth and the Moon Wednesday Night

Tomorrow afternoon an asteroid 98 feet wide named 2014 DMX 114 will pass the Earth by a mere 218,000 miles. To put that into perspective, that is 0.9 lunar distances to the Earth which means it will pass through the orbit of the Moon!! This massive hunk of space rock will be traveling at around 32,000 mph, that is fast!!article-2572908-1C07E5A900000578-527_634x477

If this were to strike the Earth it would great a massive crater, but it is not as hazardous as 2000 EM26 that blew by the Earth last month. That bad boy was 3 football fields long and was traveling at 26,000 mph. The one last month was 8.8 lunar distances from the Earth, this one is 0.9 lunar distances.2014-DX110

This one, unfortunately, will pass over the earth at 4:26 EST so we won’t be able to see it here in N Georgia. But there is a place you can go to see it online, it is at the Virtual Telescope Project. There you can watch this rock track across the sky and get very close in terms of space distance of getting close to the Earth.article-2561938-1B9A608D00000578-314_634x386

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One Response to Large Asteroid Will Pass Between the Earth and the Moon Wednesday Night

  1. Quisha says:

    You should categorize your blog better. Those of us who want the weather and not ‘feel good’ pieces could find them easier. SMH

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