Sleet Across Parts of the Metro, Possible Snow in the Morning

I have been getting a ton of reports from all of you on Facebook ( My Facebook Page ) and my twitter feed ( My Twitter Feed ) of sleet across the metro area this afternoon. You can go to the links and give me your reports as well. From what I have been seeing, the sleet has been mainly confined to the western sections from Paulding to Bartow then over to parts of N Cherokee, Pickens, and hall county. Here is the latest radar and that area to theradarwest and NW that is bright red is a mix of sleet and rain, this will continue to be the case for a couple of hours on the leading edge of the rain as it moves to the NE at 30mph. Here are the latest hi-res NAM images showing 7pm, 9pm, and 7am tomorrow morning and 7pm9pm7amthis will be all rain, but awfully cold! All of the sleet that is falling now will turn to rain as the low levels of the atmosphere becomes saturated and temps level off in the mid to upper 30’s for the overnight hours. Tomorrow morning when you wake up there could be some snow mixed in with the rain. The image above is 7am tomorrow and that area of light rain being shown will be directly under the upper low as it moves across the area. This means that the temps at around 5,000ft will cool dramatically to below the freezing mark which sometimes can give us some snow mixed in with the rain. You can see below at 7am and 10am7am 85010am 850

the areas in gray represent where temps are below freezing at that level of around 5,000ft and those are the areas where I think we could see a few flakes mixing in tomorrow morning between around 7am and 10am. As for accumulations, we will see none and there will be no travel problems.

The great news is that it will be back into the mid and upper 60’s with sunshine for the weekend!! Woooohooooo bring it on!!

More updates to come later plus I have a few surprises that I will be unveiling over the next few weeks that you will surely love!

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