Sleet Possible, then Moderate Rain, then Snow??

Welcome to weirdness in the world of weather with quite an interesting system moving in today from the SW. Take a look at the surface map here and you will see quite the spread between the temp and the dew point. The air down here at the surface is very dry so as the simuawips-7rain begins to move in later this morning, it will first evaporate in the dry air and force the air to cool dramatically and quickly. This is a perfect scenario for sleet to start at the onset of the rain, almost everyone in the metro area will see this to start the rain out. As of 10am radarthe rain was still to the SW of the area, but will quickly be spreading in as we go through the morning into the afternoon. The disturbance is still to the SW but is rapidly heading in this direction, you can see it clearly here on the water vapor satellite.simuawips-8

As this system moves in here is what we can expect in terms of timing wise:

  1. Rain starts as sleet this late morning between around 11:30 and 1pm across most of the metro area. There could be some very minor accumulations across the area but I am not expecting any travel problems.
  2. Sleet lasts around 1/2 to 1 hour and then changes to a cold steady rain with some pockets of heavier rain in locations SE of the metro Atlanta area. Temps today are going to be just plain gross, we will only see temps in the lower 40’s and upper 30’s.
  3. Steady rain lasts on and off through tomorrow morning, parts of the metro area will see rain totals around 1-1.5″through the morning with some pockets seeing higher amounts. Tomorrow morning will be cold with temps in the mid 30’s… What you see below is the NAM radar projection for 4 and 7pm tonight, then 7am tomorrow morning.4pm9pm7am radar
  4. Ok, here is the weird part. Tomorrow morning as the core of the upper low moves right over the area there is a chance of seeing some snow in the metro area… Mainly in the metro and southward as the core of cold air moves overhead. Not expecting any accumulations. The reason for this is the upper low will force the temps around 5,000 ft to cool below the freezing mark, here is the NAM for 5,000 ft tomorrow 7am. There will not be any accumulations and there will be no travel problems.Fri 7am
  5. For the NE sections of the state, you are under a winter weather advisory and I am expecting around 1-2″ of snow in almost all of those counties in the advisory mainly tomorrow morning as the system winds down. There could be some travel issues in the NE part of the state but I will keep you advised!Plotter

So in a nutshell, we start with a bit of sleet today, then to all rain for the remainder of the day and overnight hours… Temps today remain very cold with everyone seeing temps in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s. Tomorrow morning there is a chance that parts of the area could see some snow mix in with the rain in the metro area and southward a couple of counties, no travel problems expected. The NE section of the state is under a winter weather advisory with 1-2″ of snow possible Friday morning.

More updates to come later plus I have a few surprises that I will be unveiling over the next few weeks that you will surely love!

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