More Wild and Crazy Changes on the Way!!

It is that time of year when Mama Nature gets totally out of whack and she can’t make up her mind on what to do. This week is the case as we are going to go through some large swings in highs and lows. Today we had a beautiful day with temps in the 70’s across the entire area, tomorrow our highs will happen in the middle of the day and it will be MUCH colder!

This next weather system that will affect us comes in later tonight with waves of light to moderate showers starting around 1am and will last through around 6am. nam_ref_se_5Tomorrow morning for the morning commute we should be rain free, but roads will be a bit wet and temps will start in the 50’s. It is tomorrow afternoon when we really start to see the changes coming in. Take a look below and you can see that we will have a very Wed 2pm

strong front that will be moving in. The front will enter the NW section of the state tomorrow right after lunch and make its way through the metro Atlanta area by around 4-6pm. By the time we make it to Thursday morning most of the metro area will be in the 20’s for lows! FUN FUN FUN!!thu am temps

Thursday afternoon we will see temps only make it into the 40’s and lower 50’s as we will have very strong northerly winds tomorrow afternoon but will calm down by Thursday morning. Here is the EURO forecast temps for Thursday afternoon!!! The good news is that the weekend is looking much better with highs in the 60’s.

More updates to come later plus I have a few surprises that I will be unveiling over the next few weeks that you will surely love!

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