Winds and a Freeze Warning in Effect for North Georgia

The flip flop of Mama nature continues today with yet again another does of winter temps coming in later this evening. As of 4pm this afternoon, yet another surge of arctic air is moving in with all of NW Georgia dropping into the 40’s as we speak. Here is the latest simuawips-11

surface map and you can see all that cold air spilling into the area. This has prompted the NWS to issue a Freeze warning for the area as we are expecting temps to drop into the 20’s and 30’s later tonight. Anytime after March 1st that we are expecting a freeze the NWS issues a freeze warning. Here is the map and as you can see it stretches all the way to the southern reaches of the state..ecmwf_t2m_atl_5

It looks like the wild and wooly pattern will continue into next week as we have yet again another system set to bring us rain on Sunday. This is the EURO for Sunday at 2pm and it has a large area of cold rain coming in from the Gulf again.ecmwf_slp_precip_east_18

So dads, the time to get that outside yard work done is going to be Saturday with temps expected to make it back into the low to mid 60’s for Saturday afternoon. Here is the EURO’s version of the temps for Saturday afternoon.ecmwf_t2m_atl_14

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One Response to Winds and a Freeze Warning in Effect for North Georgia

  1. awestbrook27 says:

    I saw cloud streets this afternoon! That was awesome!

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