Wedge Holds Tight Today, Warmer Weather is Coming

The dominant weather pattern we have had all fall and winter has been the wedge of cold air that comes down the mountains in the N Carolina and N Georgia. It is a nasty, cloudy, gray, and drizzly pattern that holds our temps in the 30’s and 40’s for days at a time. Today is again the case as the wedge is holding tight for the area today. You can look simuawips-13

at the visible satellite image above and see clearing skies north of the mountains, but here in the basin we are socked into clouds and cold temps…. Here is the surface image from 10am and you can see that all of us are still in the 30’s!!simuawips-12

Tuesday afternoon highs

Here is the good news, as a system moves from the mid section of the country the winds across the area will come back to the south. It is always the east and north east winds that create the wedge, south winds will get rid of it. Here is the temperature progression as we head into the weekend with the first image from the EURO being this afternoon’s temps, and the last one being Saturday afternoon’s temps. YEHAAAAAA!! We go from 40’s this afternoon to in the 60’s and even some 70’s as we head into the weekend!

Tuesday Highs

Tuesday Highs

Wednesday Highs

Wednesday Highs

Thursday Highs

Thursday Highs

Saturday Highs

Saturday Highs

Ok, so everyone wants to know if we have seen our final freeze…. Nope!! DO NOT put plants in the ground yet, this is the type of winter that we could see a freeze all the way into late April or early May. Here is the month outlook from the CPC, and granted I am not a huge fan of the CPC it is showing the pattern we have had all winter continuing..off15_temp

Don’t shoot the messenger is all I have to say.

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