Say It isn’t Snow!!!

Ok, as we have all talked about the last few days it is way too early to be planting anything outside. There is a chance that we could see a final winter storm next week that could bring snow to the metro area.

As for the next few days we are going to see a nice warming trend with temps making it into the 60’s and 70’s this weekend!! Take a look below at the EURO for Fri – Sun. Now on

Saturday Afternoon Temps

Saturday Afternoon Temps

Sunday Afternoon Temps

Sunday Afternoon Temps


Sunday we have a cold from that will move through in the afternoon that will cool us down a bit, but the big story will be in what comes in Tuesday. Until then enjoy the gradual warm up through the weekend as temps get back to close to where they should be. Then comes another shot of VERY cold arctic air from the North Pole that will be bringing temps down into the eastern part of the US that are 20-30 degrees below the norm!!Tue am

Then early Tuesday morning the upper level system will come in from out west and as this very cold air is in place, we will start to see rain fall across the area overnight Monday into early Tuesday. The upper level energy will make its way in this direction late that night, here is where the EURO is projection it to be by Tuesday at 7amecmwf_z500_vort_east_25

at around 7am the cold air will catch up with the upper energy and give us a small window to see a change over into rain mixed with some snow. Here is what the EURO is saying for

Rain 7am Tuesday

Rain 7am Tuesday

next Tuesday morning at 7am…. Even thought it is a very small chance (the EURO has been off a bit lately in terms of snow for us) this is something I will be watching closely!! Here is what the EURO is saying for snow totals for next Tuesday, and as of right now it looks like NE Georgia has the best chance of seeing snow, but that could change. More updates later!!ecmwf_snowdepth_atl_26

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